About us:

  The MSAZ (Muslim Students Association Zurich) was established in 2012 as a student association at the UZH (University of Zurich), the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and the ZHAW (Z├╝rich University of Applied Sciences). As a community platform, we aim to encourage exchange between Muslim students, represent their needs and serve as a contact point for their questions and concerns regarding student life in Zurich. The MSAZ organizes different events and welcomes everyone regardless of their ethnic origin, religious or ideological convictions.
We are politically as well as financially independent from other organizations in Switzerland or abroad.


  The association is composed of active and passive members, as well as the board members which can be elected at the annual General Assembly. The active and passive members are the pillars of the association and support it financially (passive members) and through the complete organization or support of events (active members).
The board consists of students from different disciplines of UZH, ETH and ZHAW. Since the last General Assemby of March 2019, the Board has been occupied by:

  • President: Mohamed Ibrahim
  • Vice-President: Yasser Mosa
  • General Secretary: Muhammed Guelen
  • Finances: Nazzhath Abululla
  • Membership: Omair Kedidi
  • Communication: Ajshe Fetai